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Wooden Roman

Wooden Roman Columns


39" tall


Natural Boatwood

Natural Boatwood Columns

39" tall x 12" wide


48" tall x 12" wide


Antique Silver

Antique Silver Floor Stand with Bowl

30" tall


Ivory Stucco

Ivory Stucco Columns

40" tall

$20 each

Antique Gold Candelabra

Antique Gold Floor Candelabra

48" tall (adjustable)


White Wooden Square

White Wooden Square Columns

40" tall x 10" wide

$20 each

Wrought Iron Stand

Wrought Iron Metal Stand - Freestanding

White or Ivory

30" tall


Antique Gold Vase

Antique Gold Floor Standing Vase

50" tall


Wrought Iron

Aisle Stand




Gold Delphi.jpeg

Gold Delphi Column 




Thompson Wrought

Iron Column




Thompson Wrought Iron Column.jpeg

Wrought Iron Shepard Hook




Wrought Iron Shepard Hooks.jpeg

Floor Easel Stand

5' tall Floor Easel Stand with Scroll Holders (adjustable)


Gold Metal Box Stand

40" tall and 12" square  


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