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Wedding Packages 

Our preference is to create a custom package for you that includes only the items you want and nothing you don't need. 

How it works 

1. Pick the style of bouquet 
2. Tell us your colors 
3. How many bouquets do you need
4. What type of boutonnieres
5. A La' Carte Items are available   
We have a large inventory of rental items and silk flowers that we can rent with your wedding colors.  All packages are priced for pickup at our Lynnwood studio. We box and label all flowers. 
Garden Gatherings 
Garden gatherings daisy and wish.jpg
Abundant is 15" long          $450
Substantial is 8-9" long       $135
Elongated hand-tied bouquets include an eclectic mix of wild flowers with garden roses and other fragrant flowers. 
Floral Passion 
Delicate Blossoms curated from growers worldwide including ranunculas, hydrangeas and other flowers of our choice. 
Floral passion daisy and wish bouquet.jpg
Abundant is 10" in diameter          $200
Substantial is 7" in diameter          $150
floral passion pair bouquet daisy and wish .jpg
Classic Elegance 
Timeless wedding flowers including roses, ranunculas, minature carniations, and seasonal foliage. 
timeless elegance wedding package daisy and wish copy.jpg
timeless elegance wedding package daisy and wish.jpg
Abundant is 10" in diameter          $300
Substantial is 7" in diameter          $88
Northwestern Sunset 
Our most colorful selection of popular flowers with seasonal blossoms.
Deep NW Cascading wedding bouquet.jpg
cascading northwestern sunset wedding package.jpg
Abundant is 10" in diameter with 15" drape      $275
Substantial is 8" in diameter                                   $166
Photography by @intodustphotography
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